Helideck Friction Testing (Hft) & Refurbishment Services

Helideck Friction Testing (Hft) & Refurbishment Services


VGCE is proud of being the Pioneer in
provision of Helideck Friction Testing Services in Vietnam to the offshore Drilling Rigs – FPSOs and Platforms.

Our clients:

Friction test Chim Sao WHP (Premier Oil Vietnam Offshore)

Friction test Vessel CGG Amadues (PTSC-Marine)

Friction test Thang Long / Dong Do (PVEP/ LSJOC)

Friction test WHP – MT1 (BDPOC)

Friction test PQP – HT (BDPOC)
Friction test FPSO TBVN (CLJOC)
Friction test Su Tu Trang/ Su Tu Nau (CLJOC)
Friction test WHPA / WHPB (CLJOC)
Friction test TGT-H5 (HLJOC)
Friction test Dai Hung 1/ Dai Hung 2 (PVEP)
Friction test Helidecks (PTSC – MC)
Friction test West Telesto (Seadrill)
Friction test Songa Murcur (Songa Offshore)
Friction test Hai Su Trang/ Hai Su Den (TLJOC)
Friction test MLJ-3 (Total)…..


With such a rich heritage in this industry, we can offer both expert advice and high-grade coatings. Whether it’s erosion, corrosion, chemical attacks or mechanical damage, Corrocoat – VGCE JSC can provide long-term protection for all kinds of components.

Our Fluiglide system is a prime example. It’s been researched and developed to improve pump efficiency and therefore reduce energy costs, saving huge sums of money for businesses working in water & waste.

Our major clients:

Binh Son Refinery (BSR/ DQR)

Vedan Vietnam Inteprise

Phu My Fertilizer & Chemicals (PVFCCo)

Ca Mau Fertilizer (PVCFC)

Saigon Water (SAWACO)

Dong Nai Water (DOWACO)

Binh Duong Water (BIWASE)

Hue Water (HUEWACO)

SCG – Vina Kraft Paper (SCG – VKPC)

Phnom Penh Water Supply Authority (PPWSA) – Cambodia.