Leak Test - Flange Management Services

Leak Test – Flange Management Services


The Ultimate Method to ensure safe operation by Detecting Hazardous Hydrocarbon potential leaks before startup and operation. Verifying the quality of plant construction using an inert gas at, or close to, the maximum working pressure of the system to serve as a final confirmation that the system is “leak tight and ready for service. It simulates the plant “live” condition much as possible without actually using hydrocarbons, allowing piping flanges, screwed connections, instrument impulse line connection and tubing connections to be checked for “tightness”

Lest test Equipment:

-90K/ 180K Nitrogen Pump

Booster pump, Chart recorder, PSV, He Detector, Manifold, Hose, Gauges, Flange & Gasket, fittings, Nitrogen/Helium cylinder racks, accessories etc….

Our project & Client:

HLHV – H1 Water handing and Oil production enhancement project

CLJOC: HUC STT project

PREMIER OIL – N2/H2 leak testing Produced pipeline system….


During any oil & gas project phase in Onshore or Offshore, VGCE is able to provide hydraulic bolt tensioning, hydraulic and manual bolt torqueing and issue the required procedures and relevant certification.